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Brother Stair Book | Diary of a Cult(PDF)

False Prophet, Brother Stair

The Death of Brother Simon at Stair's commune.

For more testimonies, visit Remnants Hope Ministry and The Net Team.

For those who do not know who R.G Stair is he has a Worldwide radio program. He calls himself the "Latter Day Prophet of God". He has been preaching for some 50 years according to him. He has been preaching the return of "Jesus" and that we should get out of the systems and move into Christian communities such as his farm. This has been going on since the early 80's. Recently (Oct. 2001, I think) he was caught having sex with various females at his farm. He claimed repentance, but many victims do not believe it, so they are trying to expose him. One person contacted me and Said "Hey do you know you are linked to a Pervert?" From that I found the Net Team. Stair challenged me to come see if the Holy Spirit was there at his farm and see if he was in repentance. After much prayer I went as my Father "sent me forth". It was much like a prison camp. My testimony is below. You should also read the other testimonies listed here also.

In Yeshua Messiah's Love and Service, Bro. Dan

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